четверг, 31 марта 2011 г.

- I just can't get enough

Forgive me for a long absence. I have very busy period in my life now. The strengthened trainings - we prepare for a basketball match of "Basketball's Stars". it was very pleasant to us, when we were invited there, therefore we should rock there. 
Also My mum with her friend open the own Beauty Salon where I will work too, therefore much time spend on preparation of documents, repair and ect. 
So a rest is expected only in the middle of April.
But all these are worthy to work.

i still didn't get my new photos. Therefore I will show you some shopping stuff what i bought ;)

many ppl ask me what kind and brand of cosmetic do i use
there are some here

вторник, 22 марта 2011 г.

- I'm back bitches... ;)

...and have one message to haters who say shit about me and ect : keep saying and doing it thereby assert yourselves at the expense of other - if it helps you to fight with your complexes.

And now more:

Some people say( of course anonymously) that i have usual, little lips and cause it's little and  narrow it looks less attractive and beautiful. what a nonsense.
In my opinion because of such people who tell these shit and make other people, who listen to the public opinion - feel flawed thereby encouraging them to correct these "flaws" surgically. And not always a result justifies itself. Don't listen to anybody. Appreciate what nature gave to you.
If i would listen to all comments about my appearance, that i'm ugly with little lips, bulging eyes, crooked nose - i would splurge on plastic surgery or should have worn a mask and cried from grief that I'm so ugly. But i know that many people are so envious and the saddest thing is that many of them are beautiful too but they throws their negativity, jealousy, resentment, for one reason or another, in coarse remarks towards others. it's weak people.

lips - one of the most attractive parts of the body. whatever it's wide or narrow, big or little - it's perfect.
"I'm beautiful in my way
'Cause god makes no mistakes. (c) Lady Gaga"

I think...

понедельник, 7 марта 2011 г.

- Yeeeeap!

Yesterday was one of the best and 'means a lot' day in my life.
I has finished my make-up courses, passed a graduate work in make-up 
and now i'm the certified make-up artist.
Since 9 a.m. we did a makeup in make-up studio, 
then at 2 p.m. went to photostudio, dressed up and had a photosession of  a whole image. 
what image it was, i won't tell to you.
You'll see it only on pictures from photosession what i'll have in 2 weeks.
and for now i show you just a makeup
after phts we had a little private party for celebrating our graduate. 
i'll miss much for my teacher Tanya and a group mate Yana.
we spent so nice time together.
(my teacher)

also yesterday my lovely cousin had a b-day! 
It was a great party. Much fun, dances, karaoke alcohol, lol ;)
now i think you understand how awesome my day was :)

вторник, 1 марта 2011 г.

- born this way

Ох эта шаблонность.
почему если остра на язычок и щедра на слова  "покрепче", так сразу  испорченная, не воспитанная  или еще хуже легкого поведения. совершенно абсурдные, глупые и безосновательные выводы.
Люди так любят ставить клеймо на других.
И всё потому, что это сделать легче, чем признать то, что просто не хватает смелости на подобное. Такие лучше будут смеяться в толпе, чем наплевать на смех толпы. трусость.
Люди бояться дерзких и смелых, кто любит и не боится "громко" изъясняться, поэтому прячут свой страх за осуждением, "по их мнению"  неправильного и недопустимого поведения. "Клеить" ярлыки - их единственный выход.
Но мы ведь выбрали другой путь. Нам не привыкать к трудностям. Научились плевать на мнение "таких", научимся и на ярлыки, шаблоны, стандарты и т.п.
 Живи как тебе нравится, наслаждайся и  гореть всему остальному в аду) 

Don't hide yourself in regret
Just love yourself and you're set
I'm on the right track baby
I was born this way.
(c) Lady Gaga - Born This way