понедельник, 14 декабря 2009 г.

x0x0 Gossip Girl.

Such a cool novel. It's even little change me, my behave, it's learned me much.
Beautiful love stories with modern problems what people can meet everyday.

(They are HOT)

(Amazing couple)

(Like her style)

(Such an awesome pastor! lol)


Her Body is perfect. Marisa Miller - one of my favourite world's model.
She has all perfect. Though i adorer a cocaine think, But i learn one thing, every human has to love ownself whatever look he/she has.When YOU will love yourself, EVERYBODY will love you.

(Legs <3)


I'm here with you again. sry for long time havn't been here.
So much things happened with me. Shortly tell:
1) I bought many new cloth. (i'm really crazy shopaholic)
2) I bought brown eyes lenses with what my sis told i look like Bella (Twilight). ahah... may be. lol
3) Same as 1, i'll have one more shopping. I necessary many things for winter time. New boots, sweaters and so on. Also i have to ready to the x-mas. I like to buy all those x-mas stuff, different x-mas tree toys, presents...
4) i prepear something.. what i'll present you in the end of it.
So be exited guys.

xoxo Alina Bonita

(With Brown lenses)

суббота, 28 ноября 2009 г.

New Moon!

It's amazing movie! It was the most waited movie of a year! And i can surely say that it was costed to wait! All actions and special affects was awesome! The new Jacob's face, and his body - WOW! All women will understand me when they will see it!) His muscles are so HOT, pretty face, character - Perfect man, perfect wolf. They are so different with Edward but they both are amazing and unique in his own way. If you read me now, i give you advice - watch this movie! It's unique, sensual and touching true love's story. Such love is the gift of Lord.

(He's Wolf)

( No comments)

(She's so lucky! ^^ )

(Love his face, cute noce, eyes & when he look so)

понедельник, 23 ноября 2009 г.

Life in Coffe style - means live with "Cofee Life" ^^

I love Coffe! Can't live without it any day. Every my morning begine from a cup of coffe. It give me power to wake up and start my "work" day. The tastiest Coffe in the world are "Starbucks" and "Cofee Life". Love it love it love it.

My usual breakfast between mornin lectures in univercity.

My sweet friends

Yesterday had cool day. I was at my friend home. We ate fruits with chocolate, cakes, drank "Martini" and "Champagne". After it played in games, it was so "like a child" but it was really funny. Artem playd the gitare and singed. Oh.. he do it so good, sing, play i love it. Aspecialy Rihanna "Russian Roulette" it's awesome in his way! I would like to make such evenings oftener.

By the way i colored my hair more light. It's still dark but lighter than before. I will make it more light next time and i'll do it utill i'll get the color i want.

(A singer boy Artem is right to me. Left to me is Egor. Don't know who he really is, saw his at first time yesterday)

(with Alina. yeap 2 Alinas xD)

пятница, 6 ноября 2009 г.

EMA! EMA! EMA! And The winner is.....[Music & TV Heading]

All the day i was so exited about this show. I couldn't wait for it. And now when i know all results i'm really glad and satisfide of it.

The Winners are:

The Best Group is Tokio Hotel
I ain't even surprise? cuz they are really the Best!

Beyonce won 3 awords this year. There are The Best video "Singel Ladies". The Best Song "Halo" and The Best Femele artist

She's really amazing women! I adore her. She deserve all this awards.

The Best European Act is maNga. Guys from Tirkish. They have nice music, songs. I liked the one that played on the show.

The Best Push Artist is Pixie Lott

I don't know much about her and her art but i find her a cute girl.

The Best Male Artis is EMINEM
No Comments. It's good proof of his hard work.

The Best New Act is Lady Gaga
The bright person, singer. She burn a stage from a firs second being there. Awesome women, singer. Like her songs.

The Best Alternative is Placebo
Original Style.

The Best World Stage Performance is Linkin Park

The Best Rock is Green Day

The Best Urban is Jay-Z
Cool Man!

The Best Live Act is U2

The Hostess of the show is Katy Perry.

Great Opening!

воскресенье, 1 ноября 2009 г.

Found an old video on my laptop.[Privat Heading]

I danced at school/ It's was christmas show. I remember that it was little hard for me, cuz i had pain in my knee. But i did it.
Whach it oi=ut and don't judge me. I know that it looks really awful!

I think it's still not perfect for me! [Privat Heading]

Many friends of mine tell me that i'm really thin and i don't have to lose more weigh. but for me i still have not perfect figure. I need to lose some more kg and do much more sport than now.
I'm awful perfectioner. I'll never see the end of perfection. What can i do, i'm such and i won't change whatever i do.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Yeah! Yeah! [Privat Heading]

It's able that i'll have 3 weekes of hollidays in my univercity! It's not good reason why we'll have it. Here in our and in some other country is Epidemic of the Californian flu. THat's why all schools, univercity are closed. And the most bad that all clubs, cinimas will be closed too. Hope it'll pass soon, cuz it's really serious and dangerous sick.

понедельник, 26 октября 2009 г.

They are SO Beautifull! [Music & TV Heading]

Michelle Mercier.
I can tell - that tis women is one of the prettiest in the WOrld!
She's Amazing!

Santa Dimopulous
The Ukrain's model. She's just 23 y.o. but she's already lovely wife and good mother.

(Santa and her husband)

пятница, 16 октября 2009 г.

Boom! Boom! ;) [Privat Heading]

Fresh things from my "Simple Life". Boring day in univercity. Without my frinds there, i guess i've going crazy and die. Sometimes it's so boring to sit 1.20 hour and listen, write, give answers... In such moments you want to go out but you have to sit in and study... sucks! Especially i hate to wake up early in the morning. I have to wake up at 6.00 am everyday, couse my first lecture begin at 8.00 am. It's realy punished for me, i like to sleep long in the morning. I conduct a night life... i can have no sleep all night, and in the morning i can't wake up, i even don't hear crazy scream of alarm... So sometimes it's not good. But it's me and nothing can change me.

( bettween lectures)

(WebCam stuff)

воскресенье, 11 октября 2009 г.

Love Shopping! [Privat | Fashion Heading]

Shopping like a drug for me. I'm addicted to it. lol Today i had cool shopping with my friends and mom. Love my mom, it's so cool to spent time with her and frinds)
Here are some new stuff:
(Lady in Black)

"Telly Weijl"'s vest, "TOP SHOP"'s black leather leggens, "TOP SHOP"'s black dress.

( *up* It was my outfit for the visit of theatre. Yeah, sometimes I spend cultural evenings with friends at theatre. Such institutions as theatre, raise culture of the person and i think though in 3 - 4 weeks it is possible to allocate 1 day for it.)

The "COLIN'S"'s black skinny trousers

The pair of black, suede shoes

(Sorry for bad quality of pics)