понедельник, 14 декабря 2009 г.

x0x0 Gossip Girl.

Such a cool novel. It's even little change me, my behave, it's learned me much.
Beautiful love stories with modern problems what people can meet everyday.

(They are HOT)

(Amazing couple)

(Like her style)

(Such an awesome pastor! lol)


Her Body is perfect. Marisa Miller - one of my favourite world's model.
She has all perfect. Though i adorer a cocaine think, But i learn one thing, every human has to love ownself whatever look he/she has.When YOU will love yourself, EVERYBODY will love you.

(Legs <3)


I'm here with you again. sry for long time havn't been here.
So much things happened with me. Shortly tell:
1) I bought many new cloth. (i'm really crazy shopaholic)
2) I bought brown eyes lenses with what my sis told i look like Bella (Twilight). ahah... may be. lol
3) Same as 1, i'll have one more shopping. I necessary many things for winter time. New boots, sweaters and so on. Also i have to ready to the x-mas. I like to buy all those x-mas stuff, different x-mas tree toys, presents...
4) i prepear something.. what i'll present you in the end of it.
So be exited guys.

xoxo Alina Bonita

(With Brown lenses)