вторник, 11 ноября 2008 г.

About my music Preferences and lil more abut me.

I like all music but my favorite is Rock. i like Not classical rock bands may be punk or something like this. But some bands of classical rock i like such as: Deep Purple, Green day, some songs of Metalica. On the first look i look like doll dancing in the clubs on R'n'B and Hip-Hop.don't think that i'm argue about, no it i like it, but many boys think f i have such look that they can play with me like with r'n'b girl from Pathos club. I like to damce and they also think like this cuz i dancing on the stage of the club. I dance there cuz i lke it and don't couse i make it 4 them.
May be some of u think that sometimes i'm hot-temper, "rude" and strong?....no i'm such only outside....i'm girl so i'm sencetive, needy in care and protection as others girls.
I'm the human of the mood)so i can be differently)i like to meet new peoples and my heart is always open 4 everyone)but Don't hurt it! 'couse than my heart'll be close 4 U FOREVER!
Back to music...i also like R'n'B, Club, D'n'B, some Rap.
But my Favorite Singers are:
*Miley Cyrus- Like her songs, like her. She's just awesome. Some peoples even Tell me that i lil look like).....may be....*Katy Perry- she's cool,pretty and funny. Like her songs.
*Tokio Hotel- Like their music, songs, Lyrics....Like their style and not only in music,and their own too. Do u think i'm their Fan? than u do mistake.I don't deny that they are cute. nice and pretty....but No. i'm not their crazy Fan who ready on everything 4 them. Crying, crazy screaming,(spacialy frazes : F*ck me or I love u , be with me.), undress is - stupid deal. May be i'm not right , we 're human aso we all do mistakions, but i don't understand when they do this. So next....
*Lafee- nice girl, stronge human, with nice voice. Like her song. It's like TH's sonegs filled of sence and described many life's situation.I respacte her that she's never give up.Thought she also have not good sides....but it's not important if she have good sides more that bad.
*The Veronicas- love this Twini girls)) They are realy cool. They are always smiling, whatever they feel good or bad . Think optimistic) and the last one(s)
*The Pussycat Dolls- Cool Girls. Spacialy Nicol. Like her the most. She's amazing.Hwn they are on the stage u can see Nice show, good songs, Pretty Girls. This is The Grasping show.
i think That's all ....it's only my favorite 4 now. But i like many others too....
Do u like it or Not? it's or own opinion...i said u my...if u want tell me yours)))