четверг, 27 января 2011 г.

- BC Budivelnik - BG Göttingen Eurocup 2010/11

One of our dances "Jackson"
The Göttingen team filmed it
and put it on their youtube channel
enjoy it
( find me here:) )
hint: i dance just in front of camera, with brown hair, not black ;)

second one : "Lambert" dance
it's also a new one

среда, 26 января 2011 г.

- stuff

today i bought 2 cute hats
like the way it looks on  
and underwear
like these bows ;)

- "Lavina" day

today was an AWESOME day! 
we went to Entertainment Center by all cheerleader team
and ride on tubas from a mountain.
it was so cool and funny
my head still going around
we were so happy like children
Next time we're going to skiing
i already can't wait 
Such days are one more proof that life is beautiful!

love them <3


понедельник, 24 января 2011 г.

- lady style

i want to show you my favourite dress by "Mirachel"
i bought it few month ago 
but only this Saturday I have dressed it for the first time
on my sister's b-day party
love it.
i'm looking like a diva in it ;)

- public

now everyone welcome  HERE
i created a public page on vkontakte.ru 
so everyone can visit it
it's very handy thing.  
it lets not clutter up a personal page of anything and anyone.

пятница, 21 января 2011 г.

- b-day cooking

taday i passed one more exam
and now there is only one left to pass
but i'll do it after hollidays what i have now

now we're cooking with sis and mom 
tomorrow is my sister's b-day and we cook a pie "vishivanka"
the tastiest pie what i ever ate
with Chocolate and vanilla dough, lemon cream and blackberry jam

 it's still cooking
so the completely ready pie i'll show you tomorrow

- let's shine

Throughout three years, every winter the central city park is looking amazing. 
All trees decorated with shiny garlands,  
the electrical x-mas tree,which was made by architects of Europe  
and which  is considered one of the most expensive x-mas trees in Europe.  
Shiny reindeer, snowmen, flying sledge with Santa Claus and his deers
All these are looking so magical, like in fairy tale.

среда, 19 января 2011 г.

суббота, 15 января 2011 г.

- colors of a life

there's a nice day 
i passed one more exam
but there're still many other to pass left

i finally fixed my nails
now it looks much better
i used red nail polish 
i like the way it looks ;)
& btw, thanks to all who sent me those sweet mails 
i really didn't expect to get it ^^
i have not many readers just 34 
but  they're the best
guys, just know this  ;)

вторник, 11 января 2011 г.

- just one more day

it's starting an awful period now
i have exams in my institute
hate to pass them
wish me good luck cause i really need it
thnk u, xx 
also there will be a first basketball game of a new season tomorrow
but i won't dance cause of my leg hurt :(
hope i'll do next time 
have a great day 
peace <3

(with sista)

love you all

пятница, 7 января 2011 г.

среда, 5 января 2011 г.

- magic christmas

The Orthodox Christmas coming soon
Tomorrow, in the night from 06.01 - 07.01.
This night is a night of divination, 
what we're going to do with my friends)
Also people say that this is the night of prophetic dreams 
and if you make a wish, it necessarily should come true.

So  tomorrow will be a magic evening 
and after I hope there will be a magic year)

- new day. new imotions

there are many things changed inside of me
since the new year
i can really feel it 
and in close time i think you'll notice it too  
now when i being inspired by some people
i decided to change all my life 
to change everything
even something in myself
so, new me coming soon <3
and tell me, what changed inside of you or what do you going to change in your life in new year?

вторник, 4 января 2011 г.

- la monita

i think that Natalia Oreiro is one of the prettiest woman in the world
She was my idol in childhood and i'm sure not only mine;)
and she still stay one of my favourite actresses and singers
charismatic, talented and beautiful woman

понедельник, 3 января 2011 г.

- happy new year

i have no words to explain how passed my new year party.
we had one event
my cat was pregnant and for 10 minutes till new year she started to give birth 
she has given birth 5 sweet kittens 
it was really great present
and as this is a year of cat and a rabbit, i think it's a nice sign
to be a witness and help with a birth of 5 charming kittens
after that we have got drunk so much :D
this new year will be remembered for a long time for us ) 
hope your  party was nice too
wish you that this 2011 year to bring only good and all problems stay in 2010.

happy new year, <3 readers