пятница, 26 августа 2011 г.

- Cheers

She's Amazing!
So funny and sweet <3
like this song and video

пятница, 19 августа 2011 г.

- Summer adventuries

It was one of the best summers ever
we always were in move 
beach, partys, driving to other cities, horse's riding, excursions and ect. 

when i was little girl i couldn't take a sun for a long time
and now it's so good to lie on the beach, relax, take a sun, feel the sunbeams on my skin, listen a sound of sea waves

At the third day of our vacation we went to ride on horses
it's one of the brightest impressions
while we  rode ( for 2 hours) started a downpour
we soaked to the skin
it was unexplained feeling to ride a horse in the pouring rain, and there are only mountains around

 Me and Schumacher
wetbut happy

We also drove to the Vorontsov Palace
It's an amazing place!
So beautifull. And i'm admire of a history about the palace and The Voronsovs family 

balcony for a musicians

Our next stop was in Yalta
We visited the celebration of The City Day

and finally The Park of Ayvazovskij
One of the most beautiful place i ever saw
i'd spend there every day if i could
When you come in there it seems like you find yourself in another world

Isn't it beautiful?

- Frei

New album "Frei" by Lafee came out
new style, new sound - absolutely different from her previous albums but no less worse.

i always liked her, as singer and as a human. 
she has something that sets her apart from other
Advise you to listen
My Favourites are: 
- Ich Bin
          - Sieh Mich An
              - Fliegen Mit Mir
                           - Lass Die Puppe Tanzen 
                      - Herzlich Wilkommen 
                 - Ich Hab Dich Lieb 

вторник, 9 августа 2011 г.

- Moves like Jagger

Nice video.
Adam is so hot! Adam is love ;)
Christina is awesome as usual

love this song

- Summer, summer SUMMER!

I can't believe that waited for this day! 
Today we're finally driving to the sea side
Tomorrow as soon as we arrive right away go to the beach
Sea, Sun, Sand, Beach partys - this is my heaven)
I'll keep in touch via Twitter
I'll take a lot of photos and surely put it here when i'll be back at home

In the meantime let's return on one year ago and remember the last summer. 
It was delightful

Have a good time guys. Rock this last mounth of summer 
See you in 8 days
Take care 
Love Love Love

- "Sin Fin" collection

some days  ago i took a part in a photo shoot of new clothes by "Sin Fin" 
It's really cool stuff. It's made from top quality fabrics of famous brands
all models are exclusive and a single copy.
check it out

Some "backstage" photos

And some funny moments
We had so much fun, laugh. 
We spent very nice time while shooting
 ( in fridge. we're such a booby. lol )

 ( i can't be serious for a long time :D )

There are all photos what i have. All other will be later ;)
Don't forget to leave comments

much love to you <3