четверг, 25 марта 2010 г.

The Wedding salon "Gimeney"

Yesterday i had a photoshoot for wedding salon.To advertise wedding dresses - it's new good experience for me. More than 30 dresses, 6 hours of shoot made me very tired but it was cool & funny time. Much pleasure emotions, good people and their qualitative work what you can see on these photos.
I'll put only some of them what are already made & ready. All other i'll put when i'll have it.
Check it and leave your comments.

And than we just were happy that we shooted the last dress and so just had some fun >:D

пятница, 19 марта 2010 г.

Стань ближе ко мне...(с)

Помнишь дождь...я скучаю.
О тебе и обо мне. Послушай...

Почему, теряет краски наш мир.
Ты сердцем нежным остыл.
Со мною точно чужой.
Ты не такой...
Почему ты смотришь, просто молчишь.
При встречи куда-то бежишь.
И если я не права,
Я не справлюсь одна...одна...

Стань ближе ко мне.
Стань выше, чем просто все.
Не гаси этот свет,
Без него нас нет... нас нет.

Почему, ты прячешь страх от друзей,
Ты хочешь казаться сильней.
Но где же милый тот смех?
Ты же был лучше всех
Лучше всех...

Стань ближе ко мне...
Стань выше чем просто все...
Не гаси этот свет,
Без него нас нет
Нас нет...

четверг, 18 марта 2010 г.


Since now i also will make videos about my life, different events and ect. And help me with this the site.

суббота, 13 марта 2010 г.

Significant day! Readout has begun....

Today, at us with my twin, later not one year, at last has come comprehension of that would be desirable more than just... only 2 left. This's beginning of a way to the light and happy future! I am sure that it'll be such couse i;ll do all for it! From all this it becomes so warmly and well... And the hope types forces and confidence.
Wird Alles gutt!
Once having read this phrase, henceforth i always repeat it to myself :
"The end of any history always good. If all is bad, means it's still not the end ..."
Follow your heart
And then you’ll see
There’s always a way
Hold on tight
Tomorrow will bring
Every key to every locked dream
It ain’t hard as it seems

And all the hurt and the tears
Will be just history
And all the doubts and the stress
Will be just history

(Flipsyde - A Change)

среда, 3 марта 2010 г.

as it'is... inside out.

He doesn't kiss me, doesn't hold gently by the hand. Doesn't iron on a head, doesn't pass fingers in my hair. Doesn't call to me at night, doesn't ask how I feel. don't write to me each five minutes "I miss". But for him I want to live so much.
He is probably far away. For thousands kilometres from here.
And these minutes I hate any who can call to him and ask "how are you doing?" (c)