понедельник, 25 января 2010 г.

.My love is my heven, even if i live in hell.

Earlier there were moments when you want to tell something to someone but you cannot... Heart shouts about a recognition, and herd orders to be silent, protecting from possible hurt consequences....

Henceforth it's in the past.

These are my feelings, and me is nothing to shame.

I am that what I live. There are people which I love and which love me, for that I am, There are those who make me more strongly.

I'm - are my dreams, plans, aspirations, internal prejudices and recklessness....

It is very important to speak about the feelings to the one whom you love because you never know when you can lost it or when it will lose you.

I love - it's meaning i'm not lonely also to me there is nothing to be afraid.

I love noisy companies and loneliness - it's a life balance. The overabundance of this or that - doesn't do a life better.

I like to laugh and I jump on a place when I rejoice to something.

I love my relatives and friends. Without them my life would be black-and-white.

I love my extremely clever Blonde. My complete antithesis than who is similar to me. We're never be boring together. Difficulties?... It not for us. If we're together there aren't difficulties and even if they appear we will find how to consult with them.

I love my twin Mari. She's my angel. She's unique. Many-sided nature of her persons amazes. I don't know what i would do eithout her. I love till the loss of my pulse.

I love my babies Katy and Kate. The first one is with me all my life long. Together in fire and in water. The second one has entered into my life 4 years ago and remained in it foerever. I love them.

I the person of feelings.

I like to love and I am not afraid of it.

Henceforth once and forever.

.Don't even try.

People?... And they what?.... Yes?... And I don't care!

You speak about my lacks though you don't know even you advantages...

You so discuss my behaviour, acts, hobbies, feelings.... My feelings... That sometime I feel myself like i'm a grand-doughter of the queen of England who should watch for ownself and behave as it is necessary by the status....

There is nothing turning out.... you have too small scissors to cut my wings off...

That what at me, in me, with me - is mine!

I feel the life I live...

As the car I drive on own highway...

Whether it be, the punched tyre, the heated asphalt or ice road... I don't care. I have "a winter rubber".

Only I in the answer for the thoughts, actions, behaviour, feelings... And only god can judge me.